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  1. Welcome to Equal Africa
Africa is emerging from its woes and as countries get stabilized, the governments are paying more attention to the welfare of their citizens. Good infrastructure is coming up in many countries. And all countries are fighting back poverty and spiraling population, which will cross the one billion mark very soon. There is also another struggle that is going on.
Though Africa has made several strides towards democracy with the introduction of multi-partism, it is still faced with deep-rooted culture of nepotism, impunity and general corruption. Read More...
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Imagine this is happening in Africa! joseph-story locked-up-thumb Equal-Africa social protection system
Imagine this is happening in Africa!

Joseph's Grim Story

Locked Up and Forgotten
Equal-Africa social protection system
  1. EQUAL AFRICA - Equality and Justice for the Needy and Vulnerable
HM15 Our organisation has over the last 43 years worked with a countrywide membership of people with intellectual, mental and psychosocial disabilities. This is Kenya’s population that is estimated at over 3.6 million. They are people who are in very needy circumstances due to lack of essential services and non-existence of consistent personalized care in their homes and institutions. Their requirements for inclusive and personalized services are for many years, Read More...



Robbing the Needy Part 1 & 2

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